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Cheese is a slice of lifestyle.

Extend the shelf life of your cheese products and ensure optimal product protection.

Vacuum packaging machines from MULTIVAC are a simple and economical solution that meets the diverse requirements of a modern cheesery.

Professional vacuum packers from MULTIVAC help you safely protect your sensitive products during transport. The cheese is effectively protected against mould, bacteria and moisture. Its shelf life is extended significantly, and its ripening can be supported. Taste, consistency and appearance are retained. Even at the point of sale, you benefit from many advantages: Vacuum packs can be used as sales packaging and attractively presented at the counter. They also enable online sales, pleasing the consumer through hygienic, easy handling.

Cheese needs optimal conditions. Protect your products during storage and transport – hygienically and reliably.

Whether cheese wheels, cheese pieces or slices such as processed cheese raw materials – hygienic vacuum packs effectively protect your products from environmental influences. Reserve samples can also be optimally packaged, categorised and stored. Our specially developed technology of MULTIVAC soft evacuation also enables packaging of cheese with air pockets in vacuum. The gas flushing prevents deformation and creates ideal conditions for storing cheese wheels or pieces in the packaging. The gas flushing also prevents clumping of pourable cheese.


Consumers appreciate a longer shelf life. Satisfy your customers with quality and create added value.

Vacuum-packed cheese pieces can be stored more easily, hygienically and for a longer time before consumption. The products do not dry out. Freshness and an appetizing appearance are guaranteed. The portion packs are easy to transport and freeze – making it possible to sell larger quantities to end consumers at an alpine cheese farm, for example.


Flexibility increases your sales success – use film pouches not only to protect the product but also as sales packaging.

Chamber machines enable you to conveniently position your products for the sales counter. Customers appreciate attractive product presentation and hygienically packaged cheese products with an extended shelf life. This allows them to buy their favourite cheese in small as well as large quantities, whether from their trusted cheese monger or as a souvenir in a holiday region.

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the simple answer to the wide variety of requirements for packaging cheese.

MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. The portfolio for cheeseries includes machines for various requirements. All table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service mean that MULTIVAC vacuum packers provide great assistance in your cheesery.